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“Eurolifts Latvija”

is an enterprise that was originally specialized in systems for lifts, hoists and escalators, but
now puts its experience into offering lifts for the disabled for public institutions, private homes and
We provide a full service, designing a project, including products customized to the building,
location and needs of the disabled, and delivering, installing and servicing them.
We want all public and private facilities to have modern and comfortable lifts that enable
exceptional people to reach their ultimate goals and live full and socially active lives.

Project development




Project development

We develop a project to create a lift for the disabled, customized to your situation (building, room) and the needs of people. We invite the cooperation of designers and building architects. When you send us information, including information about the technical requirements and dimensions of the access platform, along with drawings and renderings of the building to be constructed, we will create a design for the access platform which corresponds to your needs.

Delivery and installation

We will deliver and install the lift for the disabled people from the manufacturer. For reliable installation according to the technical requirements, we will make additional fastenings in floor and wall constructions. According to the requirements of Latvian law - if the lifting height for the equipment exceeds 3 meters we invite an independent expert to certify the equipment, so that it would meet the operating requirements.


The equipment is covered by a two-year warranty as defined by national legislation. We also provide a two-year warranty on installation work, in some cases for large objects the warranty period is five years. We also provide equipment maintenance and service.

Project development stages

Before developing a lift, our company's representative heads for the site to assess the situation on the spot, listens to the customer's wishes and gives advice on the most suitable solution. If there is no possibility to see the building in person, our specialist will contact or meet you to get the necessary information for project development - drawings, dimensions, and, may be desirable, visualization of the building or room.
Project developing
Development of a project individually customized to the situation (of a building or a room) and to the needs of people.
Project approval
The project is coordinated with the customer, and then the lift for the disabled is manufactured in the factory. The lift is designed and delivered within 5-7 weeks. However, if more complex equipment, such as a lift with a fire-resistant door, is needed, the manufacturing and delivery can take up to 11 weeks.