Wheelchair lifts

Lifts for the disabled must be adapted to the situation – to the building, the premises and the needs
of the people. Depending on the location and height of the lift, a vertical lift for the disabled may be
installed. However, there may be situations where a diagonal wheelchair lift is more appropriate.
The lifts for the disabled are electric and can be permanently wired or battery operated.
We can adapt to your financial possibilities by offering a relatively simpler, more economical
wheelchair lift, and we also have innovative and advanced lifts in our assortment.
Various sizes of wheelchair lifts are available. Basically, the lift adapts to the situation by
choosing from a number of standard solutions. If necessary, the lift for the disabled can be designed and
made to order.

Lifts for the disabled for indoor areas

If you need a wheelchair lift in the interior, we have a solution that is suitable for your needs and
situation. The manufacturers of the lifts for the disabled we represent meet all European requirements.
They are safe (additional safety solutions are available for individual lifts for the disabled). They are
simple and easy to use – with a manual call button or remote control (remotely operated) and can be
equipped with additional functions such as a button for raising/lowering in Braille.
The lifts for the disabled are designed so that they can be adapted to the interior, e.g. a folding lift
is available as an option. In this way, it is very compact and takes up little space.


Special lifts for the disabled

In facilities where it is technically difficult to adapt the lift for the disabled, it is possible to install
a special solution. For swimming pools, for example, a chain system is constructed on the steps to carry a
lift for the disabled.
We can provide a lift even for the most complex building.
We have the solution for even the most complicated job, so that people with special needs can
move around safely and comfortably.

Lifts for the disabled for outdoors

A wheelchair lift can be adapted to the building structure from the outside. During the design
phase of a building, a wheelchair lift can be incorporated into the design. We work successfully with
designers and architects. After you provide us with information about what kind of lift is needed, as well

as technical information (drawings, dimensions), we will develop a design which will fit your specific
building with an adapted lift for the disabled.